The BC Dairy Historical Society (BCDHS) is a non-profit society incorporated in 1999.

The members of the Society are dairy history enthusiasts from all facets of the B.C. dairy industry. The mission of the Society is to research, document, archive, and publish the history of the dairy industry in British Columbia for the benefit of all British Columbians so that the rich history of the dairy industry is preserved and available in perpetuity.


Our first project was the publication of MILK STORIES: A History of the Dairy Industry of BC 1827 – 2000. In 2006 our Society published HIGH WATER: Living with the Fraser Floods. Both books were researched and written by K Jane Watt. Our society archives historical documents, journals and photographs collected from BC dairy farms, processors and dairy organizations. The Society restored three large unique historic dairy paintings by John Ford Clymer now on display in the Central Agricultural Facility in Abbotsford.


Our Website offers access to historic publications, stories and photos of the BC dairy industry showing the contributions it has made to communities throughout BC. Our website files are preserved in the latest digital formats for viewing, searching and preservation.

The web content features the people – their ideas, their organizations, their service to community and their struggles to meet their changing needs and expectations. Dairy production leads the agriculture and food industry economy in BC with innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility.